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Tuesday 26 February 2019

Let Me Understand Your Language

Let Me Understand Your Language China Drama
Drama: Let Me Understand Your Language
Chinese Title: 让我听懂你的语言 / Rang Wo Ting Dong Ni De Yu Yan
Broadcast Network: CCTV-8
Broadcast Period: March 20, 2019 - March 31, 2019
Genre: Inspirational, Romance, Youth
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 36
Director: Sun Yanhua
Production Company: Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture People's Government, Suning Universal Media Co. Ltd., Jinghong City Investment Company, Beijing Yingxiangshe Wenhua Chuanmei
Production Date: 2016
Producer: Zhang Jie, Zhang Libin
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story that follows a man who discovers a new way of living after he falls in love with a Dai girl and its people.

From the moment he fell in love with Yu Bo (Lu Yixuan), Xu Haoran (Roy Chiu) grew to appreciate the Dai people's culture, their positivity and their philosophy towards nature and towards life. He starts to pour his passion and focus towards protecting the rainforest and the animals.

Not one to be confined, Xu Haoran never expected to fall for a Dai girl and he never imagined that falling in love would be so hard. Yu Bo has just drank the cross-cupped wine with Yan Long (Yuan Wei), a man from her tribe who has been pursuing her. His girlfriend Han Wenwen is unwilling to accept that she has lost in love. Moreover, Yu Bo's aunt turns out to be the woman that his father abandoned a long time ago. Even as he finds solutions for his problems, it is said that to love is easy but to stay together is difficult. Will he overcome the challenges to be with the woman that he loves?

Fun Facts

  • Filming began on November 18, 2015 in Manting Park and ended in March 2017.
  • Filming took place in Xishuangbanna, Laos and Shanghai.

Let Me Understand Your Language Roy Chiu Roy Chiu as Xu Haoning
Let Me Understand Your Language Kira Lu Yixuan Kira Lu Yixuan as Yu Bo
Let Me Understand Your Language Wang Weinan Wang Weinan as Zhang Zeshang
Let Me Understand Your Language Chen Jie Chen Jie as Zhang Meijia
Let Me Understand Your Language Yuan Wei Yuan Wei as Yan Long
Let Me Understand Your Language Wang Shuai Wang Shuai as Du Bi
Let Me Understand Your Language Li Chunai Li Chunai as Yi Dan

Supporting Cast
  • Lian Shuo (莲说) by Huang Qi Shan (黄绮珊)
  • Mei Gong He Jian Zheng (湄公河见证) by Yan Guang Le & Yu Zhuang (岩光泐&玉庄)
  • Su Ma (苏玛) by Huang Qi Shan (黄绮珊)
  • A Mo Yao Bei (阿嫫腰北) by Yao Che (腰车)
  • Hua Lian (花恋) by Hai Er (海二)
  • Shi Bu Shi Yin Wei Wo Qiong (是不是因为我穷) by Hai Er (海二)
  • Shen Qi De Shan Zhai (神奇的山寨) by Qun Xing (群星)
  • Jia Xiang Mei (家乡美) by Qun Xing (群星)
  • Shi Zai She Bu De (实在舍不得) by Li Na Luo & Zhang Zha Si & Mo Xi Zi Shi & Kawa Le Dui (李娜倮&张扎思&莫西子诗&Kawa乐队)
  • Kuai Le La Hu (快乐拉祜) by Qun Xing (群星)
  • Su Ma (苏玛) by Jin Zhiwen (金志文)
  • Rang Wo Yin Dong Ni De Yu Yan (让我听懂你的语言) by Mi Xian & Bao Wu (米线&包伍)

Episode Ratings
DateEpisodeCSM55 Cities (%)CSM Nationwide (%)
RatingsAudience ShareRankingRatingsAudience ShareRanking
Average1 - 360.5002.0150.9294.021

Let Me Understand Your Language China Drama
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Let Me Understand Your Language China Drama

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