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Monday 25 February 2019

An Hong 1936

An Hong 1936 China Drama
Drama: An Hong 1936
Chinese Title: 暗红1936 / An Hong 1936
Broadcast Network: Guizhou TV
Broadcast Website: LeTV, PPTV
Broadcast Date: May 5, 2013
Initial Release Date: August 3, 2011
Genre: Military, Police, Spy
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 32
Director: Li Jun
Screenwriter: Hao Yan
Production Company: Dianguang Chuanmei Wenhua
Production Date: 2010
Executive Producer: He Wen
Producer: Peng Yi
Origin: China
Related: The Inquiry in 1938
Source: Adapted from the novel Infiltrate (潜伏) by Ma Ying

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the year 1936, a new party member accidentally discovers secret information that triggers the Xi'an Incident, thus beginning a story of infighting and schemes.

When he was young, Wu Zhongming (Wang Xuebing) was separated from his older brother Wu Boying by kidnappers. He joins the Communist party later on and gets captured during one of his missions. His older brother tries to rescue him but dies in his stead.

This happens during a time before the Xi'an Incident and the city has turned into a crucial place for vital intel. To win the final victory, the Communist party sends Wu Zhongming to go undercover as his twin brother Wu Boying and infiltrate the Kuomintang.

Fun Facts

  • It is Che Youngli and Wang Xuebing's second time playing a couple in a spy drama.
  • It is Yu Ailei and Wang Xuebing's third time working together

An Hong 1936 Wang Xuebing Wang Xuebing as Wu Zhongming
An Hong 1936 Liu Peiqi Liu Peiqi as Qi Bei
An Hong 1936 Peng Yang Peng Yang as Huang Xiuyu
An Hong 1936 Che Yongli Che Yongli as Wu Weihua
An Hong 1936 Zhang Yan Zhang Yan as Shen Lan
An Hong 1936 Yu Ailei Yu Ailei as Hu Hanliang
An Hong 1936 Han Li Han Li as Li Zhi

An Hong 1936 China Drama
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An Hong 1936 China Drama
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