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Sunday, 20 January 2019


Pegasus China Movie
Movie: Pegasus
Chinese Title: 飞驰人生 / Fei Chi Ren Sheng
Release Date: February 5, 2019
Genre: Comedy
Language: Mandarin
Director: Han Han
Screenwriter: Han Han
Production Company: PMF Pictures
Production Date: 2018
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A has-been racer takes on the herculean effort of making a comeback thus starting him on a journey full of laughable catastrophes.

Once considered a legend in professional racing, Zhang Chi (Shen Teng) older and left by the times makes a meager living managing a fried rice stall. When he decides to return to racing to challenge the new generation of racers, he starts from scratch with no money, no team and even has to retake the exams to get a license.

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Xinjiang where the car racing scenes were shot.
  • It is written and directed by Han Han who is a Chinese professional rally driver and writer.
  • The movie was made following Han Han's directorial style of editing while he films.
  • The scenes filmed for the day had to finish undergoing editing in order to give special effects time to complete their part.
  • Shen Teng and Johnny Huang's racer outfits were tailor made from Italy. The clothes, helmet, shoes and other props took four months to make. Planning and design took one month.
  • Filming in Bayanbulak Grassland National Nature Reserve was difficult. It was cold day and night and there were giant mosquitos.
  • Shen Teng wanted to lose weight for the role but Han Han thought that a has been racing legend does not need to lose weight. The costume designer tried to modify the clothes to make him look fatter.
  • Even though he's afraid of heights, Shen Teng forced himself to ride a rollercoaster for the role.
  • When Jiao Shou Yi Xiao Xing found out that Han Han had prepared a role for him, he felt that it would be a good challenge. When he arrived on set, he realized that he was acting with a herd of sheep, and it was extremely tiring to herd sheep.
  • It is the third film directed by Han Han after The Continent and Duckweed and his second movie to be part of the Spring Festival movies.

Pegasus Shen Teng Shen Teng as Zhang Chi
Pegasus Johnny Huang Jingyu Johnny Huang Jingyu as Lin Zhendong
Pegasus Andrew Yin Zheng Andrew Yin Zheng as Sun Yuqiang
Pegasus Yin Fang Yin Fang as Hong Kuo
Pegasus Tian Yu Tian Yu as Driving School Coach
Pegasus Teng Geer Teng Geer as Da Ge
Pegasus Winston Chao Winston Chao as Wan Heping
Pegasus Zhang Benyu Zhang Benyu as Ji Xing

Supporting Cast
  • Yi Ban Ren Sheng (一半人生) by A Xin (阿信)
  • Da Ge Ni Hao Ma (大哥你好吗) by Shen Teng & Teng Geer (沈腾&腾格尔)
  • Fei Chi De Ren Sheng (飞驰的人生) by Lao Lang (老狼)

Pegasus China Movie
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Pegasus China Movie
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