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Monday 21 January 2019

King of Comedy

King of Comedy Hong Kong Movie
Movie: King of Comedy
Chinese Title: 喜剧之王 / Xi Ju Zhi Wang
Release Date: February 13, 1999
Language: Cantonese
Director: Lee Lik-chi, Stephen Chow
Screenwriter: Kan-Cheung Tsang, Stephen Chow
Production Company: Star Overseas
Producer: Yeung Kwok-fai
Origin: Hong Kong
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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story that follows an aspiring actor who can't catch a lucky break on the road to becoming a star.

Yin Tianchou (Stephen Chow) has always been hellbent on becoming an actor. Aside from playing extras, he also heads up a training class at the neighborhood welfare association. At this time, Liu Piaopiao (Cecilia Cheung) accompanied by her mom enrolls for acting classes. Liu Piaopiao had a very bad experience in the past but she gradually comes out of her shell through Tianchou's guidance and falls for him.
After many setbacks, Yin Tianchou's efforts finally pay off when he gains the approval of a big star named Juan Jie (Karen Mok). She helps him land the leading role in a new project, but things do not work out. Meanwhile, an undercover cop (Ng Man-tat) joins the crew to investigate a case.

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Hong Kong.
  • It was the top grossing movie in Hong Kong in 1999.
  • Jackie Chan makes a cameo. It is the first time that Jackie Chan and Stephen Chow worked together. At the time, Jackie Chan was filming the 1999 movie Gorgeous. Both agreed to make cameos in each other's movies.
  • Stephen Chow casted Cecilia Cheung as the leading lady. It was her first movie on the silver screen and breakout role. She was nominated for Best New Performer at the 19th Hong Kong Film Awards.
  • Because Stephen Chow wanted to show the story of ordinary characters, it included many of Stephen Chow's own experiences early in his career.
  • Jazz Lam bested 1000 applicants who answered Stephen Chow's open casting call for the movie in 1998.

King of Comedy Stephen Chow Stephen Chow as Yin Tianchou
King of Comedy Karen Mok Karen Mok as Du Juanren
King of Comedy Cecilia Cheung Cecilia Cheung as Liu Piaopiao
King of Comedy Ng Man-Tat Ng Man-Tat as Wo Di
King of Comedy Jackie Chan Jackie Chan as Ti Shen
King of Comedy Johnson Lee Johnson Lee as Dao
King of Comedy Keith Lee Siu Kei Keith Lee Siu Kei as Jiang Hu Da Lao Ji Ge
King of Comedy Chi-Sing Lam Chi-Sing Lam as Hong Ye
King of Comedy Tin Kai-man Tin Kai-man as Hong Ye Shou Xia
King of Comedy Bobby Yip Bobby Yip as Pierre
King of Comedy Zheng Wenhui Zheng Wenhui as Shou Bao Hu Fei De Ren

King of Comedy Hong Kong Movie
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