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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Royal Nirvana

Royal Nirvana China Web Drama
Web Drama: Royal Nirvana
Chinese Title: 鹤唳华亭 / He Li Hua Ting
Broadcast Website: Youku
Broadcast Date: November 12, 2019
Air Time: Revised schedule beginning Dec 2: Monday & Thursday (4 eps) for VIP, Thursday (3 eps) for non-VIP (See Viewing Calendar)
Genre: Historical, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 60
Director: Vincent Yang
Creative Director: William Chang Suk-ping
Screenwriter: Xue Man Liang Yuan
Production Company: Youku, Fei Fan Xiang, China Wit Media, Alibaba Pictures, Sanren Wenhua
Producer: Huang Xilong, Mei Zixiao
Origin: China
Related: Royal Nirvana Epilogue
Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Xue Man Liang Yuan
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story that follows a crown prince who faces enemies from all sides and falls in love with a maidservant who wants to kill him. He is a son simply yearning for his father's love, but is feared and suppressed due to his position. Despite the conflicts, the crown prince is a man willing to sacrifice his life and reputation for his country.

Xiao Dingquan (Luo Jin) is appointed as the Crown Prince during the fourth year of the King's rule. He solidifies his control in the military through the support of the famous general Gu Silin (Liu Dekai), his uncle from his mother's side. In the political arena, he receives the guidance and advice of the righteous Lu Shiyu (Wang Jinsong) who holds a high position in court.

The King views Xiao Dingquan's merits and alliances as a threat and makes things difficult for him even though Xiao Dingquan wants nothing more than to be a dutiful son and subordinate to his own father. At the same time, the King turns a blind eye to his illegitimate son Xiao Dingtang's (Jin Han) ambition to take the throne for himself. Xiao Dingtang conspires to frame Xiao Dingquan for the death of a civil official named Lu Ying. Lu Ying's daughter Lu Wenxi (Li Yitong) assumes a new alias as A Bao and enters the palace as a maidservant in order to get revenge.

Ending Spoilers

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Xiangshan, Wuxi, Inner Mongolia and other locations.
  • Filming lasted 216 days beginning on May 21, 2018 and ending in December 2018.
  • Without announcing the premiere date, 5 episodes were suddenly released on the day of the November 11 sales at midnight.
  • Veteran actors Wang Jinsong and Liu Dekai make special appearances.
  • Luo Jin took to Weibo to say that his birthday wish was for more episodes to be released. On the same day, Youku released the revised schedule. Beginning on December 2, 8 eps are released for VIP and 3 eps are released for non-VIP each week.
  • The screenplay is written by the novel author although there are changes to the story.
  • The 12 episodes that was cut from the drama aired separately as the Royal Nirvana Epilogue.

Royal Nirvana Luo Jin Luo Jin as Xiao Dingquan
Royal Nirvana Li Yitong Li Yitong as Gu Abao / Lu Wenxi
Royal Nirvana Huang Zhizhong Huang Zhizhong as Xiao Jian
Royal Nirvana Zhang Zhijian Zhang Zhijian as Li Baizhou
Royal Nirvana Miao Pu Miao Pu as Zhao Guifei
Royal Nirvana Jin Han Jin Han as Xiao Dingtang
Royal Nirvana Zheng Yecheng Zheng Yecheng as Gu Feng'en
Royal Nirvana Wang Jinsong Wang Jinsong as Lu Shiyu
Royal Nirvana De-kai Liu De-kai Liu as Gu Silin

Supporting Cast
  • Yuan De Yi Xin Ren (愿得一心人) by Zhou Shen (周深)
  • Fang He Tu (放鹤图) by Zhou Shen (周深)
  • He Yan (鹤·焰) by Sa Dingding (萨顶顶)
  • Chu Chen (出尘) by Jin Zhiwen (金志文)

Royal Nirvana China Web Drama
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Royal Nirvana China Web Drama
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Character Map
Royal Nirvana China Web Drama
Viewing Calendar
5 eps released on premiere date, 3 eps released per week for VIP

Royal Nirvana China Web Drama
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