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Sunday, 30 December 2018

Well Intended Love

Well Intended Love China Web Drama
Web Drama: Well Intended Love
Chinese Title: 奈何BOSS要娶我 / Nai He BOSS Yao Qu Wo
Broadcast Website: Sohu, Mango TV
Broadcast Date: January 17, 2019
Genre: Idol, Romance, Youth
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 20
Director: Wu Qiang
Production Company: Sohu, HCMC Huachen Meichuang
Producer: Liu Mingli, Chen Yidao, Bian Liang, Zhang Shanshan
Origin: China
Related: Well-Intended Love 2
Source: Adapted from the novel Game of the Wealthy: Privately Kept Sweetheart Treasure (私宠甜心宝贝) by Chun Feng Yi Du

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A third-rate actress with leukemia becomes entangled with CEO Ling because she needs him for treatment.

In order to receive bone marrow transplant sooner and to continue her career as an actress, Xia Lin enters into a secret marriage with Ling Yizhou, the CEO of a company. Despite the conspiracies and misunderstandings they encounter, the two find true love.

Fun Facts

  • Filming began in June 2018.
  • Filming took place in Hangzhou.

Well Intended Love Xu Kaicheng Xu Kaicheng as Ling Yizhou
Well Intended Love Ian Yi Pochen Ian Yi Pochen as Chu Yan
Well Intended Love Wang Shuang Wang Shuang as Xia Lin
Well Intended Love Yang Haoming Yang Haoming as Nan Jintian
Well Intended Love Liu Jiaxi Liu Jiaxi as Jia Fei
Well Intended Love Huang Qianshuo Huang Qianshuo as Wen Li

Supporting Cast
Well Intended Love China Web Drama
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Well Intended Love China Web Drama
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Well Intended Love China Web Drama

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