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Saturday 27 October 2018

My Beautiful Teacher

My Beautiful Teacher / My Teacher Beauty China Web Drama
Web Drama: My Beautiful Teacher / My Teacher Beauty
Chinese Title: 我的美女老师 / Wo De Mei Nu Lao Shi
Broadcast Website: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: March 27, 2015
Genre: Fantasy, Idol, Romance, Youth
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 35
Director: Ji Zhi
Screenwriter: Zhao Yufei
Producer: Dai Ying, Wang Ping, Liu Beibei, Zhao Shan, Chen Ranling
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Hei Ye De Bai Yang

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A modern man starts on a journey of immortal cultivation after saving a mysteriously beautiful teacher.

The members of the Council for Historical Works are in a frenzy over an emergency mission to decipher the recovered stone relics. It is said that they hide a critical secret that could change the course of history. An expert inadvertently discovers another set of text that mention a man named Qin Chao (Shawn Zhang). He is an ordinary college graduate whose life changes when a demonic god enters his body. He rescues Su Ji (Yang Zizhen) by chance and the unexpected encounter starts him on a fantasy adventure.

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Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Shandong Province.
  • It reached 117 million views after 18 days of broadcast.
  • It is the first cultivation themed web drama to be set in the modern day.
  • The Director shared that he has been wanting to create a Chinese hero. When he got the script, he was extremely excited because it was the hero of his dreams.
  • It is a web drama produced by iQiYi.

My Beautiful Teacher Shawn Zhang Lunshuo Shawn Zhang Lunshuo as Qin Chao
My Beautiful Teacher Yang Zizhen Yang Zizhen as Su Ji
My Beautiful Teacher Wong Kiray Wong Kiray as Xiao Yi
My Beautiful Teacher Mo Xier Mo Xier as Luo Qian
My Beautiful Teacher Song Le Song Le as Li Na
My Beautiful Teacher Wu Xiaoli Wu Xiaoli as Xiao Bai
My Beautiful Teacher Yuan Fufu Yuan Fufu as Jiang Dong
My Beautiful Teacher Wang Jiexi Wang Jiexi as Hua Niang
My Beautiful Teacher Li Zhujun Li Zhujun as Su Fei
My Beautiful Teacher Jiang Haomin Jiang Haomin as Fang Hua
My Beautiful Teacher Kahi Kahi as Gui Mu
My Beautiful Teacher Mu Quan Mu Quan as Chen Yingyang
My Beautiful Teacher graceQ graceQ as Ai Xiaoxue
My Beautiful Teacher Li Shangyi Li Shangyi as Wang Wenkun
My Beautiful Teacher Alex Liu Yong Alex Liu Yong as Liu Ba
My Beautiful Teacher Liu Xuan Liu Xuan as Li Xiaofeng

My Beautiful Teacher / My Teacher Beauty China Web Drama
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