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Monday 1 October 2018

The Legend of Jasmine

The Legend of Jasmine / The Legend of Sumoer China Web Drama
Web Drama: The Legend of Jasmine / The Legend of Sumoer
Chinese Title: 大清江山之龙胆花 / 苏茉儿传奇 / Su Moer Chuanqi
Broadcast Website: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: October 1, 2018
Air Time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 20:00 (two episodes), all episodes available for members
Genre: Historical
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 40
Director: Bo Shan
Screenwriter: Guo Jingyu
Production Company: Jianxin Picture, Langhe Yingye
Production Date: 2015
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A legendary story about a handmaiden named Sumoer and the complication relations between Huang Taiji and Dorgon.

Set towards the end of the Jin Dynasty and the beginning of Qing Dynasty, Sumoer (Du Ruoxi) is a Khorchin Mongol woman with a generous personality. She is someone who would rather endure difficult times alone for the sake of others. Su Moer meets Dorgon (Yan Yikuan) at a horse competition and they form a tight bond. One day, her world is turned upside down when an army invades their territory. Sumoer loses her parents and her homeland.

To receive the protection of the Great Jin, the Khorchin Mongols arrange a marriage alliance between Princess Bumubuqin (Liu Qianhan) and Huang Taiji (Fu Dalong). Sumoer is also sent to Jin as a handmaiden of the princess where she crosses paths with Dorgon again and realizes that he is a man of high power. Initially hesitant to admit her feelings for someone she cannot reach, Sumoer tries to stay away, but she becomes a woman that Dorgon can turn to in his time of need and their friendship blooming into a passionate romance.

Fun Facts

  • Yan Yikuan and Du Ruoxi are married in real life. The couple had chemistry off and onscreen which saved a lot of time for the crew.
  • Director Guo Jingyu and actress Yue Lina are husband and wife.
  • To avoid causing delays for filming, Du Ruoxi woke up at 3 am in the mornings for hair and makeup.

The Legend of Jasmine Kevin Yan Yikuan Kevin Yan Yikuan as Duo Ergun
The Legend of Jasmine Du Ruoxi Du Ruoxi as Su Moer
The Legend of Jasmine Jiang Chen Jiang Chen as Qi Qige
The Legend of Jasmine Ye Chao Ye Chao as Ai Xin Jiao Luo Hao Ge
The Legend of Jasmine Fu Dalong Fu Dalong as Huang Taiji
The Legend of Jasmine Crystal Liu Qianhan Crystal Liu Qianhan as Bu Mu Bu Tai
The Legend of Jasmine Ma Danni Ma Danni as Hai Lanzhu
The Legend of Jasmine Yue Lina Yue Lina as Zhe Zhe
The Legend of Jasmine Xu Min Xu Min as Ya Lang
The Legend of Jasmine Fan Yujun Fan Yujun as Nuo Min

Supporting Cast
The Legend of Jasmine / The Legend of Sumoer China Web Drama
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The Legend of Jasmine / The Legend of Sumoer China Web Drama
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