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Thursday 11 October 2018

Shanghai Grand 1996

Shanghai Grand 1996 Hong Kong Movie
Movie: Shanghai Grand 1996
Chinese Title: 新上海滩 / Xin Shang Hai Tan
Release Date: July 13, 1996
Genre: Action, Republican, Romance
Language: Cantonese
Director: Man Kit Poon
Screenwriter: Zou Kaiguang, Pan Wenjie, Shao Liqiong
Production Company: Win's Movie Production Limited
Producer: Tsui Hark
Origin: Hong Kong
Source: A loose adaptation of the 1980 TV series The Bund

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A legendary story that follows two friend who are like brothers during the 1930's in Shanghai, a city where the triads rule the streets.

Xu Wenqiang (Leslie Cheung) is a young military officer. While he was on the run, he is ambushed by Japanese spies and falls into the sea. Ding Li (Andy Lau) happens to pass by and thinks of saving him, but the two get into a fight that turns them into lifelong friends. By chance, Ding Li saves Feng Chengcheng (Ning Jing), the daughter of a Shanghai tycoon named Feng Jingyao (Wu Xingguo). Ding Li wishes to marry Chengcheng, yet he discovers that Chengcheng has fallen for Xu Wenqiang. Meanwhile, Xu Wenqiang discovers the mastermind that is after his life.

Fun Facts

  • Leslie Cheung let Andy Lau pick the role first.
  • While filming the movie, the three main characters did their best to complete their own stunts. Ning Jing even sustained a waist injury and had to be hospitalized.
  • It is Ning Jing's first time starring in a Hong Kong movie. She tried to study Cantonese to brush up on the language.
  • It is Ning Jing's first time working with Leslie Cheung and Andy Lau.

Shanghai Grand 1996 Leslie Cheung Leslie Cheung
Shanghai Grand 1996 Andy Lau Andy Lau
Shanghai Grand 1996 Ning Jing Ning Jing
Shanghai Grand 1996 Amanda Lee Amanda Lee
Shanghai Grand 1996 Wu Hsing-kuo Wu Hsing-kuo
Shanghai Grand 1996 Lau Shun Lau Shun
Shanghai Grand 1996 Huang Peixia Huang Peixia
Shanghai Grand 1996 Li Jianren Li Jianren

Shanghai Grand 1996 Hong Kong Movie
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Shanghai Grand 1996 Hong Kong Movie

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