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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Bodhisattva in Storm

Bodhisattva in Storm Taiwan Drama
Drama: Bodhisattva in Storm
Chinese Title: 愤怒的菩萨 / Fen Nu De Pu Sa
Broadcast Network: PTS
Broadcast Date: August 18, 2018
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 4
Director: Hsu Chao-Jen
Screenwriter: Chen Siyu, Li Zhong, Fu Kailing, Wu Ziwei, Xu Zhaoling
Origin: Taiwan

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

The year 1946 was the first year after the war ended. The Japanese colonial government has been forced out of Taiwan but a thrilling mystery begins when a man who is thought to be dead makes an unexpected return.

Yang Huiming (Wu Chien-ho) and his friend Tao Zhanwen (Chris Wu) who is an exchange student in Japan have both returned to Taiwan. Those were sensitive times that were plagued with repression and distrust. Those who had a hand in helping the Japanese were labelled as traitors and persecuted. Yang Huiming's girlfriend Lin Caicin (Cosmos Lin) mourns the death of her older brother Lin Jingwei (Liu Kuan-Ting) and his friend Lu Zhou (Lawrence Ko) after hearing that they gave their lives to anti-Japanese efforts. After the death of a prominent Japanese military official, Lin Jingwei reappears as if resurrected from the dead. Tao Zhanwen relies on his deduction skills to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Bodhisattva in Storm Chris Wu Chris Wu as Tao Zhanwen
Bodhisattva in Storm Wu Chien-ho Wu Chien-ho as Yang Huiming
Bodhisattva in Storm Esther Liu Esther Liu as Lin Zhuying
Bodhisattva in Storm Cosmos Lin Cosmos Lin as Lin Caiqin
Bodhisattva in Storm Lawrence Ko Lawrence Ko as Lu Zhou
Bodhisattva in Storm Liu Kuan-Ting Liu Kuan-Ting as Lin Jingwei
Bodhisattva in Storm Ryan Kuo Ryan Kuo as Ye Guga
Bodhisattva in Storm Hans Chang Hans Chang as Cui Yisheng
Bodhisattva in Storm He Yi-Hang He Yi-Hang as Lin Jinsheng
Bodhisattva in Storm Lu Yijing Lu Yijing as Lin Chen Xiu Yu
Bodhisattva in Storm Wu Pong Fong Wu Pong Fong as Lu Shutang
Bodhisattva in Storm Ying Tsai Ling Ying Tsai Ling as Lu Kejin

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