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Saturday 7 July 2018

Go Brother!

Go Brother! China Movie
Movie: Go Brother!
Chinese Title: 快把我哥带走 / Kuai Ba Wo Ge Dai Zou
Release Date: August 17, 2018
Genre: Comedy, Youth
Language: Mandarin
Director: Cheng Fen-fen
Production Company: Wanda Pictures
Origin: China
Related: Take My Brother Away, Hi Brothers
Source: Adapted from a manhua of the same name by You Ling

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story about a brother and sister pair who hate each other's guts. Shi Miao (Zhang Zifeng) makes a wish for someone to take her older brother (Peng Yuchang) away. Surprisingly, she wakes up the next day to find that her brother has become her good friend's older brother. As she gets to know him, she soon discovers that he has a hidden secret.

Fun Facts

  • It was shot in Xiamen.
  • The movie spinoff entitled "Hi Brothers" featuring different cast and characters was shot in 2020.

Go Brother! Wendy Zhang Zifeng Wendy Zhang Zifeng as Shi Miao
Go Brother! Peng Yuchang Peng Yuchang as Shi Fen
Go Brother! Angel Zhao Jinmai Angel Zhao Jinmai as Miao Miaomiao
Go Brother! Sun Zeyuan Sun Zeyuan as Zhen Kaixin
Go Brother! Fang Xiangrui Fang Xiangrui as Wan Sui
Go Brother! Liu Guanyi Liu Guanyi as Wan Xing

Supporting Cast
  • He Yanxin as Shi Miao (Young)
  • Zhao Yesuo as School Doctor
  • Jiang Hongbo as Mother
  • Chen Xisheng as Police
  • Xu Guangyu as Father

  • Xie Gei Mei Mei De Ge (写给妹妹的歌) by Silence Wang & Xu Liang (汪苏泷&徐良)
  • Pei Wo Chang Da (陪我长大) by Duan Ao Juan (段奥娟)
  • Kuai Ba Wo Ge Dai Zou (快把我哥带走) by Peng Yuchang (彭昱畅)

Go Brother! China Movie
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