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Monday 11 June 2018

Tomorrow Is Another Day

Tomorrow Is Another Day Hong Kong Movie
Movie: Tomorrow Is Another Day
Chinese Title: 黄金花 / Huang Jin Hua
Release Date: April 28, 2018
Genre: Family
Language: Cantonese
Director: Chan Tai-Li
Origin: Hong Kong

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story that revolves around a middle-aged woman struggling to cope with her husband's betrayal while raising their autistic son.

Huang Jinhua (Teresa Mo) is known by her neighbors as a dedicated housewife who values family above all else. Together with her husband (Ray Lui), they have been caring for their 20-year-old son Huang Xiaoguang (Ling Man-lung) who has autism. Their family dynamic undergoes a change for the worse when the husband falls for the foxy Feng Yan (Bonnie Xian). With her world suddenly turned upside down, a distressed Huang JInhua concocts a plan to kill the mistress. Through her journey, she begins to have an epiphany as she realizes her own worth as a woman.

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Hong Kong.
  • It is Chan Tai-Li's directorial debut. He is known for his screenwriting credits for the popular IP Man trilogy.
  • It received numerous nominations during the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards such as Best New Director, Best Actress, Best Actor and Best Newcomer.

Tomorrow Is Another Day Teresa Mo Teresa Mo as Huang Jinhua
Tomorrow Is Another Day Ray Lui Ray Lui as Huang Jin Hua Lao Gong
Tomorrow Is Another Day Ling Man-lung Ling Man-lung as Zi Bi Zheng Er Zi

Supporting Cast
  • Huang Jin Hua (黄金花) by Bondy Chiu (赵学而)

Tomorrow Is Another Day Hong Kong Movie
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Tomorrow Is Another Day Hong Kong Movie

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