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Thursday, 31 May 2018

PTU Police Tactical Unit

PTU Police Tactical Unit Hong Kong Web Drama
Web Drama: PTU Police Tactical Unit
Chinese Title: PTU机动部队 / PTU Ji Dong Bu Dui
Broadcast Website: Youku
Broadcast Date: May 6, 2019
Air Time: 20:00
Genre: Action, Police
Language: Cantonese
Episodes: 30
Director: Shu-Pui Hou, Han Ping
Production Company: Youku, Emperor Group, Ledo, Shanghai New Dragon Gate
Producer: Mani Fok
Origin: Hong Kong

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story that tackles the life experience and mental issues that plague the PTU officers from the perspective of a former undercover cop who returns to the force.

After successfully bringing down the triads, Gao Jiasheng (Raymond Lam) goes back to wearing the police badge and crosses paths with Sergeant He Huiling (Charlene Choi) and Team Leader Liu Jianhui (Alex Fong). The three have their share of misgivings, but learn to build trust and friendship through a series of dangerous missions.

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Hong Kong.
  • Police Tactical Unit was previously a 2003 Hong Kong crime thriller film produced and directed by Johnnie To that spun a series of films, all of which starred Simon Yam.
  • Lam Suet, Emotion Cheung, Shek Shau and Kingdom Yuen guest star.
  • Lam Suet was part of the main cast of Johnny To's Police Tactical Unit film series.
  • It is Raymond Lam's first Hong Kong drama in five years and he said that he got used to saying his lines in Mandarin that he had to readjust to speaking in Cantonese.
  • Although he has played a cop before, it is Raymond Lam's first drama where he is mostly in police uniform. His childhood dream was to become a police officer.
  • It is Charlene Choi's first drama filmed in Hong Kong.
  • Raymond Lam's contract with EEG had already ended when he began filming for PTU which is also produced by EEG.
  • It is Raymond Lam and Charlene Choi's second time playing a couple since the 2010 movie The Jade and the Pearl.
  • Raymond Lam was busy filming the drama when news of his breakup with ex-girlfriend Karena Ng broke out.
  • Charlene Choi couldn't cut her hair short for the drama as she also had a concert to prepare for. Wearing a wig instead, she was often teased by her cast mates and had to readjust the wig everyday to make it look natural.
  • During an explosion scene, Charlene Choi was accidentally injured but got away with a bruise on the face.
  • The production team hired police officers to share basic knowledge such as how to stand, how to hold a gun, etc.
  • Raymond Lam often did his own stunts unless it was something that needed professional expertise.
  • The cast used real guns on set but they sealed the barrel and made sure there were no real bullets to prevent accidents. The guns still made loud noises so the cast often wore ear plugs to protect their ears.

PTU Police Tactical Unit Raymond Lam Raymond Lam as Gao Jiasheng
PTU Police Tactical Unit Charlene Choi Charlene Choi as He Huiling
PTU Police Tactical Unit Alex Fong Alex Fong as Liu Jianhui
PTU Police Tactical Unit Patrick Tam Patrick Tam as Guan Wenzhan
PTU Police Tactical Unit Louis Cheung Louis Cheung as Wan Bin

Supporting Cast
PTU Police Tactical Unit Hong Kong Web Drama
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PTU Police Tactical Unit Hong Kong Web Drama
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Behind The Scenes
PTU Police Tactical Unit Hong Kong Web Drama
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