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Wednesday 9 May 2018

Intern Doctor

Intern Doctor Taiwan Drama
Drama: Intern Doctor
Chinese Title: 实习医师斗格 / Shi Xi Yi Shi Dou Ge
Broadcast Network: FTV
Broadcast Date: September 4, 2017
Genre: Comedy, Medical, Modern
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 16
Director: Peng Zhaohong
Production Company: Formosa Television Inc.
Origin: Taiwan
Source: Adapted from the work of orthepedics doctor Chen Jian Ren
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story filled with laughter and tears from the perspective of intern doctors inside the hospital.

Intern Doctor Chang Chieh Chang Chieh as Song Dayuan
Intern Doctor Teddy Chen Teddy Chen as Liu Yongjun
Intern Doctor Lulu Hsia Lulu Hsia as Liu Shizhen
Intern Doctor Lin Poyu Lin Poyu as Lin Jieyi
Intern Doctor Ha Hsiao-Yuan Ha Hsiao-Yuan as Wu Furong
Intern Doctor Lance Yu Lance Yu as Sun Yanzhe

Supporting Cast

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