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Monday 29 January 2018

Legend of Zu 2

Legend of Zu 2 China Drama
Drama: Legend of Zu 2
Chinese Title: 蜀山战纪2踏火行歌 / Shu Shan Zhan Ji 2 Ta Huo Xing Ge
Broadcast Network: Zhejiang TV
Broadcast Website: iQIYI
Broadcast Period: January 30, 2018 - April 5, 2018
Air Time: Tuesday to Thursday 22:00 (two episodes every night)
Genre: Historical, Martial Arts, Wuxia
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 48
Director: Vicky Wong Wai-Kit
Origin: China
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Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story about a mysterious young heroine who embarks on a search for the big hero who once saved her life. Together with her brother, she comes under the tutelage of Zu Mountain thus embarking on a journey to help their people.

Yu Ying Nan (Fortuna Yu Ting Er) and her older brother Yu Ying Qi (Chen Zhe Yuan) grew up together, yet the two have secrets of their own. Ying Nan doesn't know that her brother simply found her when she was a young girl who has already lost all of her memories. On the other hand, Ying Qi and his tribesmen have been suffering year after year due to the Chihun Stone and they can only retire to a small village.

On her eighteenth birthday, Ying Nan encounters Bai Gu Yi (Nie Zu Hao) of the Cang Xu Sect and mistakenly assumes that he is the big hero that she has been dreaming about. In pursuit of love, she tries to apply to be a student of Cang Xu but ends up with her brother in Zu Mountains. The two sects combine forces to tackle the problems presented by the Chihun Stone and Yin Nan, Ying Qi and Bai Gu Yi are selected as the students for the new venture.

Fun Facts

  • Before filming began, the actors prepped for a month to become familiar with the script and practice wushu.
  • Filming took place in New Zealand and Hengdian World Studios.
  • It is produced and distributed by Straw Bear Pictures. Nicky Wu is the company's Creative Chief. Other stockholders include Liu Xiao Feng and Cecilia Liu.
  • Since December 2014, Nicky Wu has already secured the rights to reproduce Legend of Zu in the form of dramas, movies, web series, manhwa (comics), mobile games and e-commerce.
  • Being the producer, Nicky Wu was planning to stay behind the scenes but Director Ricky Wong tricked him into playing an important role. Apparently, it was to prank him since his character is a man who has led a difficult life, often has his face covered and always has to deal with bad situations.
  • Chen Zhe Yuan who plays the male lead tried wirework for the first time. The five hours it took to film the scene where he was hanging on wires is a memory he'll never forget as he couldn't even take of his gear nor drink water nor go to the bathroom.
  • During Christmastime, Nicky Wu surprised the cast by stacking fried chicken into the shape of a Christmas tree to treat the cast and crew

Legend of Zu 2 Nicky Wu Nicky Wu as Xiao Yue
Legend of Zu 2 Fortuna Yu Tinger Fortuna Yu Tinger as Yu Yingnan
Legend of Zu 2 Chen Zheyuan Chen Zheyuan as Yu Yingqi
Legend of Zu 2 Liu Sitong Liu Sitong as Sha Yanhong
Legend of Zu 2 Lexi Wei Lai Lexi Wei Lai as Qing Nang
Legend of Zu 2 Wu Huaxin Wu Huaxin as Qiao Ying
Legend of Zu 2 Yilia Yu Yue Yilia Yu Yue as Bi Wu
Legend of Zu 2 Louis Fan Louis Fan as Da Zhihuang
Legend of Zu 2 Killy Yuan Ye Killy Yuan Ye as Jin Jiujiu

Supporting Cast
Episode Ratings
Zhejiang TV
DateEpisodeCSM52 Cities (%)CSM Nationwide (%)
RatingsAudience ShareRankingRatingsAudience ShareRanking
Average1 - 480.6344.0640.3102.346

Legend of Zu 2 China Drama
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Legend of Zu 2 China Drama
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