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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Mr. Long

Mr. Long Hong Kong / Japan / Taiwan Movie
Movie: Mr. Long
Chinese Title: 龙先生 / Long Xian Sheng
Release Date: February 13, 2017
Language: Mandarin
Director: Sabu
Origin: Hong Kong / Japan / Taiwan

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story is about an assassin named Mr. Long, narrating his life after a failed assassination attempt in Tokyo. He escapes the syndicate and together with LiLi and her son, they start a new life away from the old ways. However, his past still hunts them down.

Mr. Long (Chang Chen) is an incredibly skilled assassin. Equipped with only a six-inch sword, he can single-handedly eliminate a room full of enemies. His martial arts skills are comparable to that of Bruce Lee. However, after a failed assassination attempt in Japan, he acquires severe injuries and escapes to an abandoned house in a small town. There, a boy named JunJun (Bai Runyin) gives him clothes and water, and thereafter, helps Mr. Long settle in an old house. As Mr. Long recovers, he uses the simplest ingredients to create the best dishes. He shares them with the boy and not long after, everyone in town has heard of Mr. Long’s cooking skills. They speak highly of him and admire him so much that they help to fix his house, buy ingredients, and even give him a new cart to sell Taiwanese style beef noodles.

JunJun’s mom, LiLi (Eleven Yao Yi Ti), was a prostitute before she fell in love with a driver. She escaped the control of the syndicate and gave birth to JunJun. Unable to work for a living, she gets back to her old job and one of her customers injects her with drugs. If it wasn’t for Mr. Long, the beautiful mother and her responsible son would have lost their lives. Unknowingly, Mr. Long also starts to become attached to them.

Fun Facts

  • The first time that Chang Cheng and Sabu met was when he came to Taiwan to promote the 2015 Japanese comedy film Chasuke's Journey.
  • Chang Cheng didn't make any special preparations for the action scenes.
  • Both the movie and the lead actor were nominated for an award during the 67th Berlin Film Festival held in 2017.

Mr. Long Chang Chen Chang Chen as Long Xiansheng
Mr. Long Eleven Yao Yi Ti Eleven Yao Yi Ti as Li Li
Mr. Long Bai Runyin Bai Runyin as Jun Jun

Supporting Cast
  • Qing Liuxiang as Xian Zhi
  • Fu Zhengzhi as Ping Zhu
  • Taro Suwa as Zhong Xiong
  • Ritsuko Okusa as Jiu Meizi
  • Shiiko Utagawa as Zhen Zhizi
  • Yusuke Fukuchi as Jiang
  • Tetsuya Chiba as Ban Tian

Mr. Long Hong Kong / Japan / Taiwan Movie
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Mr. Long Hong Kong / Japan / Taiwan Movie

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