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Sunday, 5 November 2017

My Ages Apart

My Ages Apart Hong Kong Drama
Drama: My Ages Apart
Chinese Title: 誇世代 / Kua Shi Dai
Broadcast Network: TVB
Broadcast Date: November 6, 2017
Genre: Crime, Police, Romance, Suspense
Language: Cantonese
Episodes: 40
Origin: Hong Kong

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story revolves around a mentor and student who are big shots in the banking industry that have a falling out with each other. Due to a plane crash, the mentor played Bobby Au-Yeung finds that he is stuck in the body of a young man (born 90's) who is still living with his aunt. In the meantime, he suspects that his wife is cheating on him and is at a loss over how to get back to his old self. He comes across another person who seems to be faced with the exact same situation and takes it upon himself to return to the complicated world that he has left behind.

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Hong Kong.
  • It is one of the big TVB productions this year in celebration of the network's 50th Anniversary.

My Ages Apart Bobby Au-yeung Bobby Au-yeung as Sung Chung Kei
My Ages Apart Kristal Tin Kristal Tin as Ling Kit Yu
My Ages Apart Moses Chan Moses Chan as Kwong Kong Sang
My Ages Apart Maggie Shiu Maggie Shiu as Bau Mei Na
My Ages Apart Ali Lee Kai-sum Ali Lee Kai-sum as Sheung Ho Yiu

Supporting Cast
  • Kua Shi Dai (夸世代) by Li Ke Qin (李克勤)

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