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Wednesday 8 February 2017

The Qin Empire III

The Qin Empire III China Drama
Drama: The Qin Empire III
Chinese Title: 大秦帝国之崛起 / Da Qin Di Guo Zhi Jue Qi
Broadcast Network: CCTV-1
Broadcast Website: iQIYI, Sohu, LeTV, Mango TV, Tencent, Bilibili
Broadcast Date: February 9, 2017
Genre: Historical, Politics, War
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 34 (TV), 40 (Online)
Director: Ding Hei
Screenwriter: Zhang Jianwei
Production Company: Chin Empire, China Central Television, China International Television Corporation (CITVC)
Production Date: 2011
Producer: Jiao Yang
Origin: China
Related: The Qin Empire, The Qin Empire II, The Qin Empire III, The Qin Empire IV
Source: Adapted from the novel Da Qin Di Guo (大秦帝国) by Sun Haohui
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

With the assistance of Queen Dowager Xuan, Wei Ran, Bai Qi and Fan Ju, King Zhaoxiang of Qin weakens the six states and lays the foundation for the eventual unification of China under his great grandson Ying Zheng many years later.

Not long after Ying Ji (Zhang Bo) comes to power, the states have become embroiled in endless warfare to expand their territories while the victories of Qin has put itself in a favorable position. Meanwhile, the state of affairs within Qin has seen Wei Ran (Zhao Chunyang) in a seat of power and Queen Dowager Xuan (Ning Jing) acting as regent while casting aside King Zhaoxiang.

To expand its territorial dominance, King Zhaoxiang conspires with strategist Su Qin (Wang Xiaoyi) to unite the five states against Qi, thus dealing it a detrimental blow. He also appoints Fan Ju (Wu Liansheng) a position in court, working with him to demote Wei Ran and strip the Queen Dowager of her political influence. King Zhaoxiang dispatches General Bai Qi (Xing Jiadong) to engage in four major battles that wipes out more than one million soldiers from the different states, and it proves to be a turning point for the rise of Qin.

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Hengdian, Xiangshan and Bashang.
  • It is the third installment of the Qin Empire TV series.
  • Ding Hei returns as director along with many cast and crew of Qin Empire II.
  • Over 300 characters in the TV series are based on real historical figures.

The Qin Empire III Zhang Bo Zhang Bo as Qin Zhao Xiang Wang / Ying Ji
The Qin Empire III Ning Jing Ning Jing as Xuan Taihou / Mi Bazi
The Qin Empire III Xing Jiadong Xing Jiadong as Bai Qi
The Qin Empire III Zhao Longhao Zhao Longhao as Wei Ran
The Qin Empire III Wu Liansheng Wu Liansheng as Fan Ju
The Qin Empire III Fu Dalong Fu Dalong as Ying Si
The Qin Empire III Shen Jiani Shen Jiani as Zhao Man
The Qin Empire III Wang Zitong Wang Zitong as Wei Lingyou
The Qin Empire III Ryan Wang Xiaoyi Ryan Wang Xiaoyi as Su Qin
The Qin Empire III Wang Huichun Wang Huichun as Qi Min Wang
The Qin Empire III Huo Qing Huo Qing as Tian Wen
The Qin Empire III Ying Qiang Ying Qiang as Mi Rong

Supporting Cast
  • Listen - Jue Qi (崛起) by Tan Jing (谭晶)
  • Listen - Da Qin Di Guo Zhi Jue Qi Pian Tou Qu (大秦帝国之崛起片头曲) by Chun Yin Le (纯音乐)

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The Qin Empire III China Drama
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The Qin Empire III China Drama
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