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Monday, 8 August 2016

Never Said Goodbye

Never Said Goodbye / Under the Sicily Sky China / Korea Movie
Movie: Never Said Goodbye / Under the Sicily Sky
Chinese Title: 谎言西西里 / Huang Yan Xi Xi Li
Release Date: August 9, 2016
Genre: Romance, Youth
Language: Mandarin
Director: Lin Yuxian
Origin: China / Korea

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

It is the story that how a young girl go through the grief. Xiaoyou, is a stubborn girl who lost her mother since she was a kid. She had expected she would enjoy a normal life with her boyfriend Junhao, a South Korean young man, but out of sudden, “Unreliable” Junhao said he would fly to Italia for opera study. He was so determined that he even wanted to end the relation with Xiaoyou. To defend the self-esteem, Xiaoyou decided to end her love with Junhao! But she still held the last dream: Junhao will come back one day. Finally, she got the news of Junhao: He died in an accident in Italia, which almost tore her apart. Being stubborn and tolerant in nature, Xiaoyou always put on a tough face, especially facing the fragility. Against the client’s requirement, she insisted on Junhao’s design made by Junhao; against every difficult, she struggled to weld and brush, That never give up makes her who she is. Her pet dog is lost in a heavy rain and to make matters worse, Xiaoyou herself suffered traffic accident. In trance, she felt as though she could see Junhao. Haunted by pain and self-accusation, Xiaoyou determined to end her life in Italia… It is a story that how a young man guard his true love. (Source: Emperor Motion Pictures)

Never Said Goodbye Lee Joon-gi Lee Joon-gi as Jun Hao
Never Said Goodbye Zhou Dongyu Zhou Dongyu as Xiao You
Never Said Goodbye Xing Jiadong Xing Jiadong as Ma Shuai
Never Said Goodbye Liu Shan Liu Shan as Xiu Zhen
Never Said Goodbye Ethan Ruan Ethan Ruan as Tian Bo

  • Wei Shen Ma Wo Hao Xiang Gao Su Ta Wo Shi Shei (为什么我好想告诉他我是谁) by Zhang Bi Chen (张碧晨)

Never Said Goodbye / Under the Sicily Sky China / Korea Movie
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Never Said Goodbye / Under the Sicily Sky China / Korea Movie
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