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Wednesday 31 August 2016

If I Can Love You So

If I Can Love You So China Drama
Drama: If I Can Love You So
Chinese Title: 如果可以这样爱 / Ru Guo Ke Yi Zhe Yang Ai
Broadcast Network: Hunan TV
Broadcast Website: Sohu, Tencent, iQIYI, Youku, Mango TV, LeTV
Broadcast Period: April 9, 2019 - May 6, 2019
Air Time: Daily Primetime Drama 19:30 (two episodes)
Genre: Modern, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 46
Director: Wang Lei
Screenwriter: Qian Xun Qian Xun
Production Company: Dongyang Kingrain Media, Beijing Tongyuemingxin Media, Zijin Alliance Television Culture
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Qian Xun Qian Xun
Watch Episodes On: Viki (eng subs), Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A husband commits suicide alongside his mistress, leaving their widow and widower to hold the funeral. This is a love story between an arrogant and unyielding pianist and a free and liberated TV anchor.

When two people who are both married and having an affair with each other commit suicide thinking that it will put an end to things, it marked the beginning of tragedy for the spouses they left behind. World-renowned pianist Geng Mochi (Tong Dawei) and TV anchor Bai Kaoer (Cecilia Liu Shishi) cross paths at the funeral.

Faced with the same betrayal and having to cope with the consequences, they both choose to retaliate the only way they know how but as time passes, their ill-fated relationship slowly develops into something else. Just as they find themselves ready to love again, time is not on their side. Geng Mochi suffers from a terminal illness. Bai Kaoer's brother-in-law Qi Shuli (Bao Jianfeng) appears and she gets caught between two men.

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Beijing, Hunan, Seattle and Vancouver.
  • Filming lasted four months beginning on October 8, 2015 and ending on January 30, 2016.
  • Tong Dawei revealed that Liu Shishi is the most punctual actress that he has ever encountered. She always arrives earlier than the scheduled time.
  • Bao Jianfeng praised Liu Shishi saying that even though she had many lines, she always memorized them before arriving on set.
  • Qian Xun Qian Xun who wrote the original novel also writes the screenplay. She went to Beijing Film Academy to study scriptwriting for half a year to prepare for the drama. She also discussed the script many times with Director Wang Lei, Tong Dawei and Liu Shishi.
  • Qian Xun Qian Xun revealed that because the source novel has a unique story, the rights to the drama already went through the hands of three companies without success. Everyone didn't know how to start telling a story that overturns the traditional romance.
  • It started to snow when the cast and crew first arrived in Vancouver to film.
  • In order to play the role of a professional musician, Tong Dawei who had no musical background took the time to learn piano. He would be heard playing a small tune during his free time on set.
  • Director Wang Lei revealed that Tong Dawei was very interested in filming and directing. Tong Dawei would often have technical questions for Wang Lei. Even when he finished his scenes, he stayed around to observe the filming process and made many suggestions of his own.
  • Many of the filming locations were in places that have never been filmed before.
  • Dongyang Kingrain Media ran into legal troubles with Hunan TV for two dramas - Game of Hunting and If I Can Love You So. Kingrain accused Hunan TV of failing to make payments as stipulated in the contract. Hunan TV took matters to court which ruled that damages be paid to each other while Hunan TV retains broadcast rights. Kingrain appealed though it appears that the matter has been resolved for at least one production as Game of Hunting aired on Hunan TV in 2017.

If I Can Love You So Tong Dawei Tong Dawei as Geng Mochi
If I Can Love You So Cecilia Liu Shishi Cecilia Liu Shishi as Bai Kaoer
If I Can Love You So Jeff Bao Jianfeng Jeff Bao Jianfeng as Qi Shuli
If I Can Love You So Sun Zhihong Sun Zhihong as Luo Hao
If I Can Love You So Zhu Tie Zhu Tie as Zhang Qianshan
If I Can Love You So Lai Jing Lai Jing as Jin Yi
If I Can Love You So Tao Hai Tao Hai as Huang Zhong
If I Can Love You So Yang Kaihan Yang Kaihan as Doctor Cai

Supporting Cast
  • Ru Guo Ke Yi Zhe Yang Ai (如果可以这样爱) by Chang Shi Lei (常石磊)
  • Ru Guo Ke Yi Zhe Yang Ai (如果可以这样爱) by Hu Sha Sha (胡莎莎)
  • Yuan Yuan (远远) by Tong Dawei (佟大为)
  • Xun Ren Qi Shi (寻人启事) by Xu Jia Ying (徐佳莹)

Episode Ratings
Hunan TV
DateEpisodeCSM55 Cities (%)CSM Nationwide (%)
RatingsAudience ShareRankingRatingsAudience ShareRanking
Average1 - 431.0013.8910.7753.217

If I Can Love You So China Drama
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If I Can Love You So China Drama
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