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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Lawyers China Drama
Drama: Divorce Lawyers
Chinese Title: 离婚律师 / Li Hun Lu Shi
Broadcast Date: August 4, 2014
Genre: Romance, Workplace
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 46
Director: Yang Wen Jun
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Chi Hai Dong (Wu Xiu Bo) is a famous lawyer at the peak of his career but his wife cheats on him and beats him at his own divorce case through the help of representative Luo Li (Yao Chen). Hai Dong and Luo Li find themselves crossing paths to no end at work and at home after realizing that they have become next door neighbors and their initially antagonistic relationship takes a turn for the better. Can two people who don't believe in love eventually find each other?

Divorce Lawyers Yao Chen Yao Chen as Luo Li
Divorce Lawyers Wu Xiubo Wu Xiubo as Chi Haidong
Divorce Lawyers Alina Zhang Meng Alina Zhang Meng as Jiao Yanyan
Divorce Lawyers Han Yuqin Han Yuqin as Tang Meiyu
Divorce Lawyers Jia Jinghui Jia Jinghui as Pan Xiaogang
Divorce Lawyers Alex Fong Alex Fong as Wu Wenhui
Divorce Lawyers Zhu Yin Zhu Yin as Li Chunhua
Divorce Lawyers Liu Huan Liu Huan as Cao Gankun
Divorce Lawyers Wang Jingchun Wang Jingchun as Zheng Tianya
Divorce Lawyers Mai Hongmei Mai Hongmei as Xia Fangcao
Divorce Lawyers Wu Jiaojiao Wu Jiaojiao as Wu Yi
Divorce Lawyers Yu Yonglin Yu Yonglin as Luo Meiyuan
Divorce Lawyers Jerry Li Chen Jerry Li Chen as Xiang Qinnan

  • Ai De Yong Qi (爱的勇气) by Qu Wan Ting (曲婉婷)
  • Bu Ai De Lian Xi (不爱的练习) by Sha Baoliang (沙宝亮)
  • Yu Ai Wei Lin (与爱为邻) by Fan Wei Qi (范瑋琪)

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