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Thursday 21 April 2016

Yesterday Once More

Yesterday Once More China Movie
Movie: Yesterday Once More
Chinese Title: 谁的青春不迷茫 / Shei De Qing Chun Bu Mi Mang
Release Date: April 22, 2016
Genre: School, Youth
Language: Mandarin
Director: Yao Tingting
Screenwriter: Tian Bo, Zhong Ning, Liu Tong, Yao Tingting
Production Company: Enlight Media
Executive Producer: Wang Changtian
Producer: Liu Tong
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Liu Tong

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story reflecting the troubles that adolescents go through follows the "good student" and the "bad student" who learn to see past their biases and constant fights to develop a mutual affection for each other.

Lin Tianjiao (Guo Shutong) has always been at the top of her game. However, she suddenly caught a bad cold in the face of the gaokao which is only the most important exam in her life! Out of desperation, she resorts to cheating without realizing that it is also an acquired skill. Gao Xiang (Bai Jingting) catches Lin Tianjiao in the act but the teacher mistakenly assumes that the textbook that fell to the ground is his, thus letting him take the bullet for her.

Lin Tianjiao didn't know that the her life would diverge down a very different road from that moment onwards. After all, Gao Xiang is the person that she dreads the most in her entire academic career. Now that their paths have crossed, Lin Tianjiao is willing to do everything to get rid of him. It's not about who attracts who, and it's not because you really hate someone that much. It's the fear of what others might think, the fear of becoming different and the fear of letting someone into your heart. For Lin Tianjiao, in this fight, it's either your death or mine!

Fun Facts

  • It was shot in Xiamen and Zhangping in 2015.
  • Bai Jingting did not take on any new projects for a year in order to focus on filming "Yesterday Once More."
  • It is Guo Shutong's first time playing the female lead.
  • Wang Herun had to shave her head twice for the movie, once for an important scene and the second time time was for the poster shoot.

Yesterday Once More Bai Jingting Bai Jingting as Gao Xiang
Yesterday Once More Guo Shutong Guo Shutong as Lin Tianjiao
Yesterday Once More Li Hongyi Li Hongyi as Huang Tao
Yesterday Once More Rain Wang Herun Rain Wang Herun as Lu Tiantian
Yesterday Once More Ding Guansen Ding Guansen as Ou Xiaoyang
Yesterday Once More Zhao Wenlong Zhao Wenlong as Li Tao
Yesterday Once More Alec Su Alec Su as Qian Laoshi
Yesterday Once More Ada Liu Yan Ada Liu Yan as Nei Yi Dian Zhu
Yesterday Once More Kenny Lin Gengxin Kenny Lin Gengxin as Lin Ziao

Supporting Cast
  • Bu Shui Zai Jian (不说再见) by Hao Mei Mei Le Dui (好妹妹乐队)
  • Listen - Qing Mang (青茫) by Bai Jingting & Li Hongyi & Ding Guansen & Zhao Wenlong (白敬亭&李宏毅&丁冠森&赵文龙)
  • Bu Shui Zai Jian Nu Sheng Ban (不说再见(女生版)) by Xu Fei (许飞)
  • Xiang Zhao Guang Liang Na Fang (向着光亮那方) by Timmy Xu Weizhou (许魏洲)
  • (Hey Jude) by Sun Yan Zi (孙燕姿)
  • (Reality) by (Richard Sanderson)
  • Gong Lu Bing Qi Ling (公路冰淇凌Heading To The Dawn) by Zhu Jing Xi (朱婧汐)
  • Tou Da De Ai Qing (头大的爱情) by Ding Guansen (丁冠森)

Yesterday Once More China Movie
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Yesterday Once More China Movie
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