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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Rainbow Age

Rainbow Age China Movie
Movie: Rainbow Age
Chinese Title: 彩虹时代 / Cai Hong Shi Dai
Release Date: April 27, 2016
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Director: Li Jin Lun
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Xiao Shuang (Wang Zi Hao) had a difficult childhood and he has learned to fend for himself at a young age, developing a dual personality in the process. He is the catalyst that moves the entire story forward in a depiction about the motivations, hopes and dreams of young men and women in the city.

Rainbow Age Wang Zihao Wang Zihao as Xiao Shuang
Rainbow Age Chen Jingde Chen Jingde as Qian Xi
Rainbow Age Xu Hengxin Xu Hengxin as Zi Shu
Rainbow Age Liu Manli Liu Manli as Su He
Rainbow Age He Jiaying He Jiaying as Qiao Yi

Supporting Cast
  • He Yang as Xiao Hanhan
  • Jia Ding
  • Wang Xin
  • Niu Zhi Han
  • Wang Zixing

  • Listen - Cai Hong Shi Dai (彩虹时代) by Ye Wang Fei (叶王飞)
  • Listen - Cai Hong Shi Dai (彩虹时代) by Ye Wang Fei (叶王飞)

Rainbow Age China Movie
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