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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Jade Lover

Jade Lover / Diamond Lover 2 China Drama
Drama: Jade Lover / Diamond Lover 2
Chinese Title: 翡翠恋人 / 克拉恋人2 / Fei Cui Lian Ren
Broadcast Network: Zhejiang TV
Broadcast Date: TBA
Genre: Idol, Republican, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 35
Director: Yik Chun Go, Jin Hyuk, Tan Langchang, Zhang Heyang
Screenwriter: Dong Fangyuan, Dong Yingyan, Zhu Xuan, Zhang Ye
Production Company: DMG
Production Date: 2016
Executive Producer: Wu Bing
Producer: Zhang Wenjun, Hou Huabin, Liu He, Sun Qiang
Origin: China
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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story about a naive and quirky young woman who comes into her own due to her life experiences. She falls into a romance with the president of a company.

During the 1930s, the Shen Family owned the largest jade company within Jade City. The family goes bankrupt and Shen Chenxi (Zheng Shuang) who is the daughter of the former manage takes up the burden of reviving the business. She clashes with Bai Luohan (Lee Jong Suk) who becomes a fierce rival at the onset. Bai Luohan (Lee Jong Suk) is a man treading morally ambiguous territory by working indiscriminately with both good and bad people. Although he appears cold and calculating on the outside, he is a kind-hearted man who is constantly on the lookout for Chenxi. She is hesitant at first, but a romance gradually blossoms between the two.

Lin Yunran (Chen Shu) comes into the picture completely antagonistic towards Chenxi as she pines after Bai Luohan. Chenxi's childhood friend Mu Feng (Zeng Hongchang) is a man who has faithfully stayed by Chenxi's side. Chenxi also becomes friends with Lei Tianao (Li Yuan), the son of a military general. While focusing on bettering herself, Chenxi also searches for the old treasures that can save her family without knowing that it would also lead to a big secret.

Fun Facts

  • DMG brings back a sequel to Diamond Lover, telling a similar story that is set in the Republican era instead of modern day.
  • Filming took place in Shanghai and Hengdian World Studios.
  • Filming lasted four months beginning in Shanghai on January 23, 2016 and ending at Hengdian World Studios in February 2017.
  • It is Korean actor Lee Jong Suk's first Chinese drama.
  • It is part of the dramas that were affected by the Hallyu Ban, an unofficial ban that was in effect in China to restrict all forms of Hallyu aka Korean Wave due to the political disagreement between China and Korea over THAAD. On October 31, 2017, there were reports that both sides were making a move to mend diplomatic ties and news that the virtual ban has been lifted came days later. (Source: Sohu)

Jade Lover Lee Jong-suk Lee Jong-suk as Bai Luohan
Jade Lover Zheng Shuang Zheng Shuang as Luo Chenxi
Jade Lover Zeng Hongchang Zeng Hongchang
Jade Lover Cecilia Boey Cecilia Boey
Jade Lover Gao Ren Gao Ren
Jade Lover Shen Dongjun Shen Dongjun
Jade Lover Wang Yi Wang Yi

Jade Lover / Diamond Lover 2 China Drama
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Jade Lover / Diamond Lover 2 China Drama
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