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Sunday 20 September 2015

Royal Romance

Royal Romance China Drama
Drama: Royal Romance
Chinese Title: 多情江山 / Duo Qing Jiang Shan
Broadcast Date: September 21, 2015
Genre: Historical, Palace, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 54
Director: Raymond Lee
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Royal Romance is about the legendary tale between a Qing Dynasty emperor and his imperial consort. Dong Xiao Wan (Hou Meng Yao) is a beautiful singer from Jiangnan who captures the heart of the Emperor (Gao Yun Xiang). Their relationship is not accepted as it is forbidden for a woman of Han descent to become the Qing Emperor's wife. The Empress Dowager Xiao Zhuang (Anita Yuen) becomes their fiercest roadblock along with sinister forces looking to take advantage of the situation, yet the couple's unyielding devotion towards each other never wanes nor wavers.

Fun Facts

  • Empress Xiao Zhuang is a historical figure who has led a colorful life and her story takes center stage in a c-drama called The Legend of Xiao Zhuang. It is Anita Yuen's first Qing Dynasty drama though as a native from Hong Kong, she had to make extra effort when it came to memorizing lines. Anita Yuen and Hou Meng Yao both portrayed the role of Mulan at one point in their careers and they become a mother-daughter in law in this Chinese palace drama.

Royal Romance Hou Mengyao Hou Mengyao as Dong Xiaowan
Royal Romance Gavin Gao Yunxiang Gavin Gao Yunxiang as Shun Zhidi
Royal Romance Alex Man Alex Man as Hong Chengchou
Royal Romance Xu Qiwen Xu Qiwen as Qi Lan Gui Fei
Royal Romance Chen Xibei Chen Xibei as Xian Fei
Royal Romance Xu Xiaosa Xu Xiaosa as Suo Erna

Supporting Cast
Royal Romance China Drama
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