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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Bride Wars

Bride Wars Hong Kong Movie
Movie: Bride Wars
Chinese Title: 新娘大作战 / Xin Niang Da Zuo Zhan
Release Date: August 20, 2015
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Director: Chen Guohui
Origin: Hong Kong

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Angelababy and Ni Ni play two besties who become bitter enemies in their wish to have the wedding of their dreams. As kids, He Jing (Angelababy) and Ma Li (Ni Ni) attended a romantic wedding inside a beautiful hotel and the two promise to hold their own weddings at the same place. Ten years later, He Jing has found her prince charming in Kai Wen (Chen Xiao) while Ma Li has found her knight in shining armor in Luo Dan (Zhu Ya Wen) but due to an honest mistake, only one reservation has been made and the next available date is in three years.

Fun Facts

  • The plot is basically a repeat of the Hollywood comedy called Bride Wars starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. It is Angelababy and Chen Xiao's second collaboration after Song in the Clouds.

Bride Wars Ni Ni Ni Ni as Ma Li
Bride Wars Angelababy Angelababy as He Jing
Bride Wars Chen Xiao Chen Xiao as Kai Wen
Bride Wars Zhu Yawen Zhu Yawen as Luo Dan

Bride Wars Hong Kong Movie
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