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Sunday 31 August 1997

Arthur Chen Feiyu

Arthur Chen Feiyu United States Actor

Name: Arthur Chen Feiyu
Chinese Name: 陈飞宇
Birthdate: April 9, 2000
Birthplace: USA
Height: 188cm
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Profession: Actor
Fandom: Xiao Yu Zhou (小宇宙) aka Little Universe
Fandom Color: Blue
Instagram: thechenarthur
Weibo: 陈飞宇Arthur
Talent Agency: TH Entertainment (天浩经纪)

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Fun Facts

  • He started studying at Beijing Film Academy in 2018 as an international student as he holds US citizenship.
  • Arthur Chen Feiyu's fandom Xiao Yu Zhou or Little Universe uses the same character as his name "yu (宇)."
  • When he was still a kid, he played a role in the 2010 film Sacrifice directed by Chen Kaige.
  • Chen Feiyu officially made his acting debut as a teenager in the 2017 film "Secret Fruit" opposite Ouyang Nana.
  • He rose to fame due to his role in the 2018 fantasy drama "Ever Night." It was his first Chinese drama.
  • He is the son of Chinese filmmaker Chen Kaige and his actress wife Chen Hong. He has one older brother.
  • His mother Chen Hong is known to be a very beautiful Chinese actress.
  • Chen Feiyu used to be fat as he once revealed that he weighed as much as 136 kilograms. He had a gastric sickness in 2016 and couldn't eat for a whole day which motivated him to lose weight by exercising and controlling his food intake. 

  • Mi Yu (秘语)
  • Zui Hao De Wo Men (最好的我们)

Arthur Chen Feiyu United States Actor
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