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Thursday 8 August 1996

Shawn Dou

Shawn Dou / Dou Xiao Canada Actor

Name: Shawn Dou / Dou Xiao
Chinese Name: 窦骁
Birthdate: December 15, 1988
Nickname: Dou Dou (beans), Dou Lao Shi (Teacher Dou)
Birthplace: Xian, China
Height: 182cm
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Blood Type: O
Profession: Actor
Fandom: Dou Fen (豆粉) which means bean powder
Weibo: douxiao

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Fun Facts

  • He immigrated with his family to Canada at age 10 and holds Canadian citizenship.
  • He graduated from Beijing Film Academy.
  • He entered showbiz with fellow rookie Zhou Dongyu through the 2010 Zhang Yimou film entitled "Under the Hawthorn Tree."
  • He rose to fame playing the second lead in the 2017 hit drama "Princess Agents." It was also his first drama to hit the small screens.
  • His fandom name "dou fen" which means bean powder is actually a combination of his nickname "dou dou" and "fen" which stands for fans. Hence, dou fen also means Shawn Dou's fans.
  • Shawn Dou's nickname "dou" or bean is a play on his family name.

Shawn Dou / Dou Xiao Canada Actor
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  1. He will be the next coming actor, his charming smile, sense of humour ,outgoing personally adventurer in sports the way he acts in the movies, and know how to enjoy every minutes of it .