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Sunday, 28 June 2020

Web Drama: Margaret & David: Green Bean

Margaret & David: Green Bean Hong Kong Web Drama
Title: Margaret & David: Green Bean
Chinese Title: 玛嘉烈与大卫 绿豆 / Ma Jia Lie Yu Da Wei Lu Dou
Broadcast Website: Viu
Broadcast Date: April 11, 2016
Genre: Romance
Language: Cantonese
Episodes: 26
Director: fatball, 25
Screenwriter: Huang Qilin, Nan Fang Wu
Origin: Hong Kong

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story that follow a couple who have decided to move in after seeing each other for over a year. They never expected that it would result in daily quarrels becoming their new norm.

David (Bowie Lam) is a taxi driver who has been dating a woman named Margaret (Catherine Chau). After he suggested that they move in, the two started renting a place together. However, living under the same roof has its challenges as they now face many struggles that didn't exist before. Can they still work things out?

Fun Facts

  • It is ViuTV's first television drama.
  • It is Bernice Liu's return to filming a Hong Kong TV series since shooting Once Upon a Song in 2012.
  • It is Bowie Lam and Bernice Liu's reunion more than 10 years since the 2005 TVB series Healing Hands III.

Margaret & David: Green Bean Bowie Lam Bo Yee Bowie Lam Bo Yee
Margaret & David: Green Bean Catherine Chau Catherine Chau
Margaret & David: Green Bean Bernice Jan Liu Bernice Jan Liu
Margaret & David: Green Bean Poon Chan-leung Poon Chan-leung
Margaret & David: Green Bean Kathy Yuen Kathy Yuen

Supporting Cast
Margaret & David: Green Bean Hong Kong Web Drama

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