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Sunday, 18 November 2018

Chinese Dramas with Eng Subs 2018

A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities (Netflix)
Accidentally In Love (Netflix)
Age of Rebellion (Netflix)
All Out of Love (Viki)
An Oriental Odyssey (Viki, Youtube)
Ashes of Love (Viki)
Battle Through The Heavens (Viki)
Between (Viki)
Beyond Light Years (Youtube)
Bloody Romance (Viki, Youtube)
Campus Heroes (Viki)
Cinderella Chef (Viki, Youtube)
Eagles and Youngster (Youtube)
Ever Night (Viki)
Extreme Youth (Netflix)
Granting You A Dreamlike Life (Viki)
Here to Heart (Netflix, Viki)
HIStory2: Boundary Crossing (Youtube)
If Paris Downcast (Youtube)
Iron Ladies (Viki)
Legend of Fuyao (Viki)
Legend of Yun Xi (Youtube)
Like A Flowing River (Viki)
Lost in 1949 (Youtube)
Love and π (Viki)
Love of Aurora (Youtube)
Martial Universe (Viki)
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin (Viki)
Memories of Love (Viki)
Mengfei Comes Across (Youtube)
Meteor Garden 2018 (Netflix)
Moonshine and Valentine (Viki)
Mr. Right (Viki)
Nirvana in Fire 2 (Viki, Youtube)
Nuts (Viki)
On Children (Netflix)
One And Another Him (Viki)
Only Side By Side With You (Viki)
Our Glamorous Time (Viki)
Pretty Man (Netflix, Viki)
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace (Viki)
Secret of the Three Kingdoms (Viki)
Siege in Fog (Viki)
Single Ladies Senior (Viki)
Story of Yanxi Palace (Viki)
Suddenly This Summer (Viki)
Sweet Combat (Viki, Youtube)
Sweet Dreams (Viki)
Take My Brother Away (Netflix)
The Eternal Love Season 2 (Viki)
The Evolution Of Our Love (Viki)
The Family (Netflix)
The Flame's Daughter (Viki)
The King of Blaze (Viki, Youtube)
The Rise of Phoenixes (Netflix)
The Story of MingLan (Viki)
The Way We Were (Viki, Youtube)
Tomb of the Sea (Viki)
Unexpected (Viki)
Untouchable Lovers (Viki)
When We Were Young (Youtube)
With You (Viki)
Youth (Viki, Youtube)

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