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Saturday, 1 September 2018

Movie: Cry Me A Sad River

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Cry Me A Sad River China Movie
Title: Cry Me A Sad River
Chinese Title: 悲伤逆流成河 / Bei Shang Ni Liu Cheng He
Release Date: September 21, 2018
Genre: Romance, Youth
Language: Mandarin
Director: Luo Luo
Production Company: Enlight Pictures
Region: China
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Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Guo Jing Ming

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story that delves into bullying in school and follows an emotional romance between two students.

Yi Yao (Ren Min) has a crush on school heartthrob Qi Ming (Zhao Yingbo). Tang Xiaomi (Zhu Danni) finds out about it and rallies a group of students to gang up on Yi Yao. Gu Senxi (Xin Yunlai) helps Yi Yao and encourages her to be brave. Slowly, Yi Yao turns from an insecure ugly duckling into a confident swan.

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Shanghai, China.

Cry Me A Sad River  Zhao Ying Bo Zhao Ying Bo as Qi Ming
Cry Me A Sad River  Xin Yun Lai Xin Yun Lai as Gu Sen Xi

Supporting Cast
  • Ren Min as Yi Yao
  • Zhu Dan Ni as Tang Xiao Mi
  • Zhang Ruo Nan as Gu Sen Xiang

Cry Me A Sad River China Movie
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