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Sunday, 12 August 2018

Movie: The Guilt

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The Guilt China Movie
Title: The Guilt
Chinese Title: 罪途 / Zui Tu
Broadcast Website: Tencent
Release Date: May 11, 2018
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Detective
Language: Mandarin
Director: Ma Xiaogang
Region: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the year 2005, a rainstorm causes a landline that results in the death of a passenger on the train. The other remaining passenger in the car have fallen into a coma.

Fun Facts

  • Filming lasted a month beginning on September 9, 2016 and ending on October 6, 2016.
  • A three-part series was released in May. Part 1 premiered on May 11, 2018, Part II premiered on May 15, 2018 and Part 3 premiered on May 18, 2018.

The Guilt  Han Pu Jun Han Pu Jun as He He
The Guilt  Zhu Yan Man Zi Zhu Yan Man Zi as Zhou Xin Xue
The Guilt  Li Xin Min Li Xin Min as Wu Jian
The Guilt  He Suo He Suo as Han Jia Bin
The Guilt  Han Qiu Chi Han Qiu Chi as Liang Xia
The Guilt  Yin Hang Yin Hang as Liu Xi Zhi
The Guilt  Liu Peng Liu Peng as Wang Chao
The Guilt  Hong Hua Hong Hua as Qiu Hong
The Guilt  Jing Min Qiang Jing Min Qiang as Lao Zhao

  • Zui Tu (罪途) by Jing Chang Dragonking (龍井說唱Dragonking驍)
  • Wo Ji Du Dong Wu Shou Ku Bing Si Qu (我嫉妒动物受苦并死去) by Han Luo (寒洛)

The Guilt China Movie
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