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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Movie: Oolong Courtyard

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Oolong Courtyard China Movie
Title: Oolong Courtyard
Chinese Title: 新乌龙院之笑闹江湖 / Xin Wu Long Yuan Zhi Xiao Nao Jiang Hu
Release Date: Coming Soon
Genre: Comedy
Language: Mandarin
Director: Kevin Chu
Production Company: Hengye Pictures
Region: China
Source: Inspired by the manhua Woolong Yuan by Ao Youxiang 敖幼祥

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

An action comedy that follows the newly-appointed Master Changmei (Ng Man-Tat) as he leads Xiao Wen (Steven Hao), Yang Guang (Zhang Junhao), Rui Rui (Li Xinrui) and many other students at Oolong Courtyard.

Fun Facts

  • Filming began in September 2017.
  • This version retains the character setup from the original, but comes with a completely new story.
  • Ng Man-Tat has been promoted to play the role of Master Changmei while Steven Hao is now the martial art senior.
  • Ng Man-Tat and Steven Hao used to work together in various popular comedies like Shaolin Soccer when Steven Hao was a child actor.
  • On July 9, it was announced that the premiere date on July 13, 2018 has been delayed due to technical issues.

Oolong Courtyard Steven Hao Steven Hao
Oolong Courtyard Ng Man-Tat Ng Man-Tat
Oolong Courtyard Song Xiao Bao Song Xiao Bao
Oolong Courtyard Grace Chaw Grace Chaw
Oolong Courtyard Cindy Tian Cindy Tian
Oolong Courtyard Guo Zi Rui Guo Zi Rui
Oolong Courtyard Zhang Yue Xuan Zhang Yue Xuan
Oolong Courtyard Christine Huang Yi Ci
Christine Huang Yi Ci

Oolong Courtyard China Movie
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Oolong Courtyard China Movie
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