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Friday, 12 January 2018

Movie: Asura

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Asura China / United States Movie
Title: Asura
Chinese Title: 阿修罗 / Ah Xiu Luo
Release Date: July 13, 2018
Language: Mandarin
Director: Zhang Peng
Region: China / United States

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Asura represents the realm of desire and the movie seeks to put its own interpretation as it tells a legendary adventure revolving around divine beings and humans.

The core concept for Asura is born out of the East Asian beliefs surrounding the six great divisions in the wheel of karma. Life does not end as reincarnation occurs within the different realms. The ideology came from India thousands of years ago and has long been integrated into Chinese culture.

Fun Facts

  • Filming began June 2016.
  • Wu Lei was the only member of the cast who attended the filming ceremony which added to the mystery behind the production and its cast members.
  • It is the first part of a fantasy trilogy. The film focuses on Asura and explores the realm of heaven and earth. The subsequent films will explore the realm of the demon beasts, hungry spirits and hell.
  • The movie costs around USD 100 million to make and was the result of 3 years of preparation and hard work by a creative team that helmed from 13 different countries.

Asura Leo Wu Lei Leo Wu Lei as Ru Yi / Asura's Head of Examiner
Asura Tony Leung Ka-fai Tony Leung Ka-fai as Asura's Head of Desire
Asura Carina Lau Carina Lau as Asura's Head of Strategy
Asura Zhang Yi Shang Zhang Yi Shang as Hua Rui
Asura Wang Tie Jun Wang Tie Jun as Tu Ka

Supporting Cast
Asura China / United States Movie
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Asura China / United States Movie
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