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Monday, 1 January 2018

Drama: New Dragon Gate Inn

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New Dragon Gate Inn China Drama
Title: New Dragon Gate Inn
Chinese Title: 新龙门客栈 / Xin Long Men Ke Zhan
Broadcast Date: 2018
Genre: Period Drama
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 40
Director: Zhu Shao Jie
Region: China
Source: Adapted from the Dragon Gate Inn

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story is about the secret service agent, Zhou HuaiAn, who is tasked to protect Ying GuanZhen (alias: Xiao YingWang). He meets Jin XiangYu, the owner of Longmen Inn and Qiu MoYan, a chivalrous woman leading to a story of love and hate.

During the end of Ming dynasty, members of the royal family fight for the throne, pirates threaten the country’s borders and Mongolian tribes rise in the Northwestern region. Although Zhou HuaiAn (Ma Ke) has no interest in politics, he hates Dong Chang and the corruptness that it represents. Taking his teacher’s advice, he doesn’t directly confront Dong Chang but instead chooses to protect Ying GuanZhen (Liu Yao Yuan). His experiences and adventures from various places allow him to increase his skills in martial arts, making him the leader of the 36 islands and the number one chivalrous hero in the nation.


Fun Facts

  • It is produced by CHS Media.
  • Filming lasted around five months beginning January 2017 and ending June 2017.
  • Filming took place in Hengdian World Studios and Fujian.
  • Dragon Gate Inn was originally a 1967 Taiwanese wuxia film written and directed by King Hu and has sparked multiple remakes.
  • This adaptation comes with a fresh concept for the classic wuxia story and takes the developments away from deserts and sand dunes to take place on a beautiful island.
  • Real historical events surrounding that took place during the Ming Dynasty are integrated into the story.

New Dragon Gate Inn Ma Ke Ma Ke as Zhou Huai An
New Dragon Gate Inn Qi Wei Qi Wei as Jin Xiang Yu
New Dragon Gate Inn Shen Meng Chen Shen Meng Chen as Qiu Mo Yan
New Dragon Gate Inn Bao Jian Feng Bao Jian Feng as Cao Shao Qin
New Dragon Gate Inn Daniel Chan Daniel Chan as Xian Wang
New Dragon Gate Inn Yu Bo Yu Bo as Wang Chao

Supporting Cast
  • Liu Yao Yuan as Ying Guan Zhen
  • Anna kay as Bei Tiao Feng
  • Jiang Zhen Hao as Tang Tian
  • Lu Zhuo as Sai Hua
  • Luo Hui Yu as Yang Yao
  • Zhang Hui Zhong as Jia Ting
  • Ma He as You Dian Zi
  • Du Jun Ze as Xiao Fang Fei
  • Wei Bing Hua as Chang Yan

New Dragon Gate Inn China Drama
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New Dragon Gate Inn China Drama
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