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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Drama: I, Another

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I, Another China Drama
Title: I, Another
Chinese Title: 世界上的另一个我 / Shi Jie Shang De Ling Yi Ge Wo
Broadcast Date: 2016
Genre: City, Melodrama
Language: Mandarin
Director: Song Yang
Region: China

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I, Another Qi Wei Qi Wei as Ji Nan Na
I, Another Lee Seung-hyun Lee Seung-hyun as Chi Yan Lie
I, Another Wang Dan Wei Wang Dan Wei as Ming Ri Fei
I, Another Jiang Bing Jiang Bing as A Chi

Supporting Cast
  • Lu Chen as Ding Hai Mo
  • Lei Nuo Er as Tong Yi Shun
  • Li Ming Ming as Ou Ya Lun
  • Sun Ya as Pan Jie
  • Dong Lai Dong Wang as Cheng Nuo

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