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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Movie: The Brink

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The Brink China / Hong Kong Movie
Title: The Brink
Chinese Title: 狂兽 / Kuang Shou
Release Date: November 10, 2017
Genre: Action, Melodrama, Crime and Detective, Mystery
Director: Li Zi Jun
Region: China / Hong Kong

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The Brink Zhang Jin Zhang Jin
The Brink Shawn Yue Shawn Yue
The Brink Wu Yue Wu Yue
The Brink Janice Man Janice Man
The Brink Lin Jia Dong Lin Jia Dong
The Brink Zhang Jia Nian Zhang Jia Nian

Supporting Cast
  • Hui Xiong

  • Kuang Shou (狂兽) by Xu Zhi An (许志安)
  • Shou (兽) by Wu Yue (吴樾)
  • Hey Ya (Hey Ya!) by As One (As One)
  • Chong Fan Ji Mo (重返寂寞) by Shen Zhen Xuan (沈震轩)
  • Yi Tian Yi Tian (一天一天) by Xie Zhong Jie (谢中杰)
  • Zhuan Tou (砖头) by Chen Bai Yu (陈柏宇)
  • Hang Shi Zou Rou (行尸走肉) by Chen Bai Yu (陈柏宇)
  • Yue Hou Ji Fen (阅后即焚) by Chen Bai Yu (陈柏宇)
  • Ba Qi Qing Ge (霸气情歌) by Chen Bai Yu (陈柏宇)

The Brink China / Hong Kong Movie
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The Brink China / Hong Kong Movie
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