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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Web Drama: Sister Gan Nineteen

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Sister Gan Nineteen China Web Drama
Title: Sister Gan Nineteen
Chinese Title: 新甘十九妹 / Xin Gan Shi Jiu Mei
Broadcast Website: iQiYi
Broadcast Date: November 9, 2017
Genre: Action, Costume, Romance, Wuxia
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 34
Director: Zhang Hui Li, Chen Yong Ge
Region: China
Watch Episodes On: iQiYi

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story about Yin Jian Ping crossing swords with Sister Gan Nineteen who was sent by her master to shed the blood of their enemies.

Near the end of Yuan and the beginning of Ming Dynasty, a clash between Shui Hong Shao (Qin Xue) and Wulin Qi Xiu results in her face being disfigured and all of her martial arts abilities being lost. Sixteen years later, she has taken Sister Gan Nineteen (Zhang Dinghan) under her wing and trained her to become a highly-skilled martial artist who is beautiful and powerful. One by one, they destroy all the sects under Wulin Qi Xiu for the sake of vengeance and cause an upheaval in jianghu. Yin Ping Jian (Kevin Cui Peng) escapes and after multiple encounters with Sister Gan Nineteen realizes that she is the person that he has been looking for for so long.


Fun Facts

  • It first premiered February 14, 2015 on Hubei Broadcasting Network.

Sister Gan Nineteen Kelvin Cui Peng Kelvin Cui Peng as Yin Jian Ping
Sister Gan Nineteen Zhang Dinghan Zhang Dinghan as Gan Shi Jiu Mei
Sister Gan Nineteen Qin Xue Qin Xue as Shui Hong Que
Sister Gan Nineteen Ren Han Ren Han as Wei Chi Lan Xin
Sister Gan Nineteen Sun Binhao Sun Binhao as Yan Chun Lei
Sister Gan Nineteen Song Mingyu Song Mingyu as Fan Yin Jiang
Sister Gan Nineteen Zhang Zhen Zhang Zhen as Fan Zhong Xiu

Supporting Cast
  • Dong Borui as Ruan Xing
  • Yin Jian as Wu Qing
  • Miao Xiaodong as Feng Xiu Tang
  • Zhao Haihan as Hua Er Lang
  • Lu Yuantian as Ye Man Xi
  • Liu Yuexin as Jin Zhu
  • Wang Zhen as Miao Xi Yue
  • Pei Jiangtong as Li Tie Xin
  • Yu Xiaochun as Yin Yan Ling
  • Liu Ran as Yin Zhu
  • Li Xiaojing as Miao Hong Shuang
  • Li Liang as Ma Yi Bo
  • Dai Jiang as Lan Cai Ying

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