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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Drama: The Fox Fairy Court

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The Fox Fairy Court China Drama
Title: The Fox Fairy Court
Chinese Title: 大仙衙门 / Da Xian Ya Men
Broadcast Date: June 17, 2016
Genre: Comedy, Costume, Fantasy
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 30
Director: Li Wei Ji, Zhong Kan Xie, Lan Zhi Wei
Region: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Wang Yuan Feng (Wang Chuang Jun) hails from a family of politicians. He has no care for fame and fortune nor the affairs of men and women because his one true interest lies in solving mysteries. He saves a fox demon named Xiao Cui (Wu Qian) who has been sealed in captivity inside the fairy court. Out of gratitude and a liking for Yuan Feng, Xiao Cui figures out a way to marry him in return. Even so, they become a married couple who share a room but not a bed. Xiao Cui's mischievousness is an endless source of shenanigans in this fantasy comedy that also touches on a romance between a human and a demon.

Fun Facts

  • The web series premiered on Jun. 17, 2016 on QQ.

The Fox Fairy Court Wang Chuan Jun Wang Chuan Jun as Wang Yuan Feng
The Fox Fairy Court Andy Chen Andy Chen as Xian Feng Hua
The Fox Fairy Court Li Xin Cong Li Xin Cong as Rui Fu Ren
The Fox Fairy Court Janice Wu Janice Wu as Xiao Cui
The Fox Fairy Court Fang Lu Fang Lu as Ai Ya
The Fox Fairy Court Jin MengYangZi Jin MengYangZi as Bai Jin Xiu
The Fox Fairy Court Edward Zhang Xiao Chen Edward Zhang Xiao Chen as Ren Ping Sheng
The Fox Fairy Court Ma Li Ma Li as Li Huang Hou
The Fox Fairy Court He Ming Han He Ming Han as Jiang Wan Hu
The Fox Fairy Court Si QinGaoLi Si QinGaoLi as Shuang Qu Fu Ren

Supporting Cast
  • Hu Shui (狐说) by Wang Chuan Jun (王传君)
  • Jia Zhuang Wang Ji (假装忘记) by Xu Meng Di (徐梦迪)

The Fox Fairy Court China Drama
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