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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Movie: Guo Jiu

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Guo Jiu China Movie
Title: Guo Jiu
Chinese Title: 国酒 / Guo Jiu
Release Date: January 15, 2016
Genre: Romance, War and Revolution
Language: Mandarin
Director: Song Jiang Bo
Region: China

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Guo Jiu Van Fan Van Fan as Cao Huai Ren
Guo Jiu Wang Zi Cheng Wang Zi Cheng as Cao Huai Yuan
Guo Jiu Xu Dong Dong Xu Dong Dong as Shi Ying
Guo Jiu Huang Yi Huang Yi as Cheng Yu Bing
Guo Jiu Shi Zhao Qi Shi Zhao Qi as Cheng Zi Jing
Guo Jiu Hou Tian Lai Hou Tian Lai as Cao Jing Hu
Guo Jiu Winston Chao Winston Chao as Hua Lao Ban
Guo Jiu Zheng Wei Li Zheng Wei Li as Cheng Qi
Guo Jiu Fang Xiao Li Fang Xiao Li as Cao Qi
Guo Jiu Zheng Xiao Ning Zheng Xiao Ning as Guo Jun Jun Guan
Guo Jiu Yin Zi Wei Yin Zi Wei as Cheng Yu Feng

Guo Jiu China Movie
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