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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Movie: Go Lala Go 2

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Go Lala Go 2 China Movie
Title: Go Lala Go 2
Chinese Title: 杜拉拉2之杜拉拉追婚记 / Du La La 2 Zhi Du La La Dui Hun Ji
Release Date: December 4, 2015
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Director: An Zhu Jian
Region: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Dulala (Ariel Lin) is a career woman eager to kiss her singlehood goodbye but her ideal man Wang Wei (Vic Chou) seems to be preoccupied with another woman who is chasing after him. Chen Feng (Bolin Chen) comes into the picture and he has decided to actively pursue Dulala, putting her in a pretty problematic position between two men.

Fun Facts

  • In Time With You is a hit Taiwanese drama that starred Chen Bolin and Ariel Lin and many are excited to see them reunited in Dulala 2.

Go Lala Go 2  Ariel Lin Ariel Lin as Du La La
Go Lala Go 2  Vic Chou Vic Chou as Wang Wei
Go Lala Go 2  Chen Bolin Chen Bolin as Chen Feng
Go Lala Go 2  Li Jia Hang Li Jia Hang as A Le
Go Lala Go 2  Vivian Wu Vivian Wu as Qu Lao Yi
Go Lala Go 2  Im Na Na Im Na Na as Sha Dang Dang

Supporting Cast
  • Qiu Mu Han
  • Michelle Chen as Cania
  • Austin Lin Bo-Hong as Xiao Wen
  • Sun Xiao Xiao as Xiao Li
  • Tony as He Hao De
  • Yang Yong Cong as James
  • Yin Hang as Zhu Chi Ren
  • Liang Chen as Liang Yu
  • Zhang Si Chen as Sha Dang Dang Gui Mi
  • Wang Quan Cheng as She Ying Zhu Li
  • Zhang Jin Long as Can Ting Jing Li

  • Listen - Ru Guo Wo Bian Cheng Yi Shou Ge (如果我变成一首歌) by Lin You Jia (林宥嘉)
  • Ye Ke Yi (也可以) by Yan Yi Ge (阎奕格)

Go Lala Go 2 China Movie
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