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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Web Drama: Oh My General

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Oh My General China Web Drama
Title: Oh My General
Chinese Title: 将军在上 / Jiang Jun Zai Shang
Broadcast Website: Youku, PPTV
Broadcast Date: October 25, 2017
Genre: Period Drama, Melodrama
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 40
Director: Lu Hao Ji Ji
Region: China
Source: Based on a novel of the same name by Ju Hua San Li 橘花散里.
Trailer: Watch on Youku

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

During the Song Dynasty, a woman disguises herself as a man and becomes a formidable general, unrivaled in military prowess and fearless in battle. She's been given an important post since the age of sixteen and even the people closest to her believe that she is a man (which ought to make for a couple confused hearts). After winning a glorious battle, the King has planned to bestow her with the title of the great general, but she takes the opportunity to reveal that she's a woman. After outing herself, she is forced to marry into the imperial family yet the man she is betrothed to is everything that she is not - spoiled-rotted, entitled and definitely not hero material. Source: DramaPanda.

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Xiangshan Film and Television City, Hengdian World Studios, Gansu, Ning Xia, Inner Mongolia, etc.
  • After winning best actress for her role in Soulmate in the 53rd Golden Horse Award in Taiwan, the cast and crew of Oh My General surprised her at the airport by showing up in full military gear. They also had a mini-celebration on set.
  • Peter Sheng had to learn dancing for the sake of his role.

Oh My General Sandra Ma Sandra Ma as Ye Zhao
Oh My General Peter Sheng Yilun Peter Sheng Yilun as Zhao Yu Jin
Oh My General Wang Chu Ran Wang Chu Ran as Liu Xi Yin
Oh My General Zhu Yong Teng Zhu Yong Teng as Qi Wang
Oh My General Pan Shi Qi Pan Shi Qi as Qiu Shui
Oh My General Wang Xuan Wang Xuan as Qiu Hua
Oh My General Xiao Han Xiao Han as Zhang Gui Fei
Oh My General Zhang Jun Ming Zhang Jun Ming as Yi Nuo Wang Zi
Oh My General Zheng Xiao Dong Zheng Xiao Dong as Hai Wei Ning

Supporting Cast
  • Ding Si as Hu Qing
  • Peng Xiao Ran as Liu Xi Yin
  • Zhang Jia Yi as Zhang Gui
  • Guo Yi Yang as Xiao Gui Zi
  • Zhang Zhi Lu as Xiao Xia Zi
  • Gao Shuang as Ye Li Yu Qi
  • Xiang Hao as Guo Yuan Jing
  • Feng Mian as He Lao Tai Tai
  • Yu Bo as Fan Zhong Yan
  • Jin Li Ting as Hong Qiang
  • Qiu Shuo Kang as Xiao Ma Qiao

  • Ai Zai Shang (爱在上) by Cui Zi Ge & Peter Sheng Yilun (崔子格&盛一伦)
  • Wo Zhi Yuan Xiang Xin Ni (我只愿相信你) by Cui Zi Ge (崔子格)
  • En Ci (恩赐) by Wang Chu Ran (王楚然)
  • Shui (覆水) by Wang Chu Ran (王楚然)
  • Yu Jia Ao (渔家傲) by Yang Lin (杨蔺)
  • Zhong Zhen (忠贞) by Peter Sheng Yilun (盛一伦)

Oh My General China Web Drama
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Oh My General China Web Drama
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