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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Web Drama: Monster Killer 2

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Monster Killer 2 China Web Drama
Title: Monster Killer 2
Chinese Title: 无心法师2 / Wu Xin Fa Shi 2
Broadcast Website: Tencent, Sohu
Broadcast Date: August 14, 2017
Genre: Idol, Fantasy
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 20
Director: You Da Zhi, Li Yi Chong, Li Gong Le, Huang Xiao
Region: China
Related: Monster Killer
Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Ni Luo
Videos: BTS1

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Wu Xin makes his way to the Shanghai Bund and the story follows his adventures with Xiao Ding Mao, Su Tao, Gu Ji and Bai Liu Li. Similar to Monster Killer 1, the main protagonist has no recollection of the past.

In the 1930's, a person arrives at the Su Manor and requests to purchase a Song Dynasty antique. Master Su refuses and even destroys the antique as a show of his resolve. His daughter Su Tao picks up the pieces and discovers an exquisite copper mirror that will ignite a chain of events. Wu Xin has found a new livelihood as a fortune teller on the streets. He becomes friends and travel companions with Su Tao after saving her life. However, the androgynous Xiao Ding Mao barges into their lives uncharacteristically interested in the pair. He is the godson of a gangster and incredibly shrewd in spite of his young age. Source: DramaPanda

Fun Facts

  • Gina Jin and Zhang Ruo Yun who were in the original Monster Killer did not reprise their roles. Newcomer Li Lan Di plays the new leading lady.
  • Aside from reprising her role as the villain Yue Qiluo, Chen Yao had to double as the male character Xiao Ding Mao.
  • To make her portrayal more realistic, she started learning from her co-stars Elvis Han and Wang Yanlin by observing their walk, their clothes, etc.
  • Wang Yanlin received many offers at the same time as Monster Killer 2, but chose to take part in the sequel as Monster Killer was the project that allowed more fans to get to know him which is why it is especially meaningful to him.
  • After Monster Killer 2 ended, it was hinted on the show's official weibo page that a season 3 was coming.

Monster Killer 2 Elvis Han Dong Jun Elvis Han Dong Jun as Wu Xin
Monster Killer 2 Sebrina Chen Yao Sebrina Chen Yao as Yue Qi Luo / Xiao Ding Mao
Monster Killer 2 Li Lan Di Li Lan Di as Su Tao
Monster Killer 2 Alan Wang Yan Lin Alan Wang Yan Lin as Gu Ji
Monster Killer 2 Mike D'Angelo Mike D'Angelo as Bai Liu Li
Monster Killer 2 Gao Tai Yu Gao Tai Yu as Bai Chuan Lin
Monster Killer 2 Wang Yi Nuo Wang Yi Nuo as Ding Xiao Tian

Supporting Cast
  • Lin Dong Fu as Chen Da Guang
  • Wang Yan Su as Hu Yao Da Bai
  • Zhang Ming Xuan as Xiao Tang Bao
  • Liu Qi Wei as Zhong Wang

  • Zui Chang De Lu Tu (最长的旅途) by Li Qi (李琦)
  • Bai Hua Lin (白桦林) by Alan Wang Yan Lin (王彦霖)
  • You Xin (有心) by Wang Yi Nuo (王艺诺)
  • Bie Tou Tou Mo Mo (别偷偷摸摸) by Zheng Jia Jia (郑嘉嘉)
  • Deng Jun Lai (等君来) by Zheng Jia Jia (郑嘉嘉)
  • Listen - Bai Hua Lin (白桦林) by Pu Shu (朴树)

Monster Killer 2 China Web Drama
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Monster Killer 2 China Web Drama
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