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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Drama: Du Li Zong Dui 2

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Du Li Zong Dui 2 China Drama
Title: Du Li Zong Dui 2
Chinese Title: 独立纵队2 / Du Li Zong Dui 2
Broadcast Date: December 18, 2015
Genre: War and Revolution
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 50
Director: Wang Xin Feng, Wu Song
Region: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

In October of 1940, Gao Xiang (Chen Long) was a Nationalist under orders to defend the city of Long Quan. After three days and three nights without reinforcements, Gao Xiang is forced to flee with his army. They arrive at Long Ya Mountain where female bandit Xu Mu Dan (Li Cai Hua) leads her men in a war against the Japanese and they ultimately join in the fight.

Fun Facts

  • The original Du Li Zhong Dui was so popular that it earned commendable ratings across the many networks that aired the show. Its sequel Du Li Zhong Dui 2 broadcasted in 2015 to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Chinese People's Resistance Against the Japanese. In an attempt to come back bigger and better, the production team poured their efforts into developing more exciting plotlines and more romance.

Du Li Zong Dui 2 Chen Long Chen Long as Gao Xiang
Du Li Zong Dui 2 Bai Liu Xi Bai Liu Xi as Lan Liu
Du Li Zong Dui 2 Huang Hai Bing Huang Hai Bing as Hu Tian Hua
Du Li Zong Dui 2 Sun Jiao Long Sun Jiao Long as Jia Teng Yi Xiong
Du Li Zong Dui 2 Rain Lee Choi-wah Rain Lee Choi-wah as Xu Mu Dan
Du Li Zong Dui 2 Liu Dong Jian Liu Dong Jian as Fu Guo Guang
Du Li Zong Dui 2 Xu Shao Hang Xu Shao Hang as Cai Xiao Ting
Du Li Zong Dui 2 Chen Xiao Xue Chen Xiao Xue as Hong Xia

Supporting Cast
  • Wang Hong Qian as Mao Chuan Xi
  • Liu Shuang as Yang Tao
  • Zeng Qing Guo as Wang Da Zui
  • Wang Long as Xiao Chui Zi
  • Billy Li Bing Lei as Xiang Yi Hu
  • Wang Hao Yu as Cao Qiang
  • Tian Feng as Liu Sheng Zhai
  • Feng Bi Qing as Jiu Mei Zi
  • Xu Da Ning as Jia Teng Long Er
  • Luo Da Tao as Yang Long
  • Sun Tian as Chen Feng

Du Li Zong Dui 2 China Drama
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